BC Coaches Week

The BC Coaches Week is from September 20th-27th, and BC Netball would like to recognize a group of amazing coaches who have contributed to the netball community. If you would like to leave a message or thank your coach, please do so in the comment section below!

Coaches of 2013/2014:

  • Alyssa Binns
  • Sarah Binns
  • Lorraine Brown
  • Kimberley Chang
  • Sophia Chen
  • Melissa Crowe
  • Cassandra Darbyshire
  • Kim Fennell
  • Tia Grunert
  • Alex Harpauer
  • Darren Huang
  • Patricia Lagunzad
  • Michelle Lelik
  • Morgan McLaughlin
  • Fiona Morris
  • Danette Mui
  • Sharonn Sylva
  • Jeff Tyvergyak
  • Olga Vancic
  • Sabrina Versteeg
  • Joyce Vriend
  • Megan Widmer
  • Ann Willcocks
  • Lianna Wong

If you would like to thank a coach whose name is currently not on the list, please email us at marketbcnetball@gmail.com.