Intermediate Level Umpire

The Intermediate level Umpire will meet the basic requirements of umpiring B grade games.


Control of the Game
The umpire shall have:
1. The ability to control an Intermediate grade game.
2. Knowledge of the official rules
3. A voice and whistle which can be heard by all players
4. Good positional movement of the court

Interpretation and Application of Rules

The umpire shall recognize:

  • Personal contact & Contact with the ball
  • Obstruction with and without the ball
  • Footwork
  • Three seconds
  • Short pass
  • Playing the ball
  • Over one third
  • Offside
  • Breaking
  • Centre pass not taken correctly
  • Use of advantage rule
  • He/ She Shall:

  • Award correct penalties
  • Correctly distinguish between free and penalty passes
  • Award correct throw-ins
  • Be able to control the centre pass give correct toss-ups
  • Correctly administer stoppages/ substitutions
  • Use correct hand signals
  • Demonstration of Rules
    Candidates taking the practical test will be required to demonstrate knowledge of the rules.